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Hearing Protection
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Hearing Protection

In many cases, hearing is an essential part of working safely. That means being able to cancel out the excessive noise while being able to hear critical communications. We have just the right earplug, earmuff or band for every application from running a jackhammer to using your lawn mower. Choosing the right type and amount of hearing protection is important.

Earmuffs & Bands

  • Available in NRR ratings from 16 to 31, earmuffs come in banded and cap-mounted versions in either passive or electronic protection. Bands utilize pods connected to a band that can either be work around the neck, over the head or under the chin.


  • Earplugs are convenient, cost effective and comfortable means of hearing protection. Utilizing foam, rubber or vinyl ear pods either individually or attached to a cord earplugs form to your ear canal to for a seal that protects from a 6 to 33 on the NRR rating scale.

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