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First Aid
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First Aid

Accidents can happen. When they do, you can be prepared with our First Aid products. With items like first aid kits and refills, eye and body wash stations and refills, skin and wound care products, medicinals, medical lab supplies, emergency response and biohazard equipment you are sure to find the right product for your needs. We even have electrolyte replenishment products and dispensers to keep you hydrated!


  • Biosafety products, including puncture resistant gloves and guards, face masks and eye shields, disposal bags, bleach, absorbents, wipes, towels and disinfectant chemicals.

Emergency Response

  • When an accident happens, responders need to be there quickly and have all the supplies they need. Airgas is there for these people with all right supplies like hot and cold packs, bandages, splints, tapes, canulas, backboards, neck collars, CPR materials, fire proof blankets and burn jell.

Eye & Body Wash

  • When working in an industrial environment hazards to the body and eyes are around every corner. The ability to quickly remove foreign material is essential. Airgas offers a complete line of Fendall® eye and body wash stations, solutions and refills to keep workers safe.

First Aid Instruments

  • Stethoscopes, tweezers, scissors, syringes, forceps, knives, scalpels and tongue depressors are needed in any well equipped plant medical facility. Airgas provides a full spectrum of first aid instruments in this category.

First Aid Kits

  • First aid kits are easily placed in strategic locations and contain all the essential medicinals, bandages, emergency response material to render quick response to injured workers. Our Radnor line of first-aid kits comes in a wide variety of sizes and container types to fit your requirements.

Electrolyte Replenishment & Accessories

  • Heat stress and stroke are the most common work place injuries. They are also the hardest to diagnose and the easiest to treat. Airgas has a full line of Sqwincher® drinks in concentrates, powders, and ready-to-drink containers as well as squeeze pops to help keep you hydrated and energized. We also offer a full line of accessories, cups, dispensers and mounts.

Medical Lab Supplies

  • Cotton balls, syringes, tongue depressors, pillow covers, and exam table paper are all basic supplied in the well equipped Medical Lab. Airgas has all of these things plus IV supplies, slide blanks, betadine solution and specimen cups.


  • It's the little aches and pains that aggravate us most when trying to do your job. Airgas has just the cure for you. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, antacids, cough suppressants, cold relief products and antihistamines are at fingers reach in this category.

Skin Care

  • Liquid, bar and waterless soap for sanitizing, moisturizing and scouring in lemon, orange, floral, coconut and cherry-almond scent. Medicated lotions and creams for achy joints and skin irritations. Sunscreen and insect repellant in creams and wipes for easy application. Lip balm and skin barrier sprays and creams. Shampoo for dandruff, dry scalp and babies.

Wound Care

  • Wound care products, including adhesive bandages and tape, first aid cream and burn care.

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