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Heat/Thermal Treatment
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Heat Treatment/Thermal Treatment

At the Airgas we believe there is more to serving our heat treat customers than simply supplying quality atmospheres. Whether heat treatment is all or part of your business, our specialists can help you with their active participation, continued support and hardware know-how.

Our highly trained metallurgists have contact with all types of businesses in the metal industry and they thoroughly understand metal / gas chemistry. They are available to answer questions about improving your present process, as well as offering consultation on custom-designed equipment, installations and atmosphere controls.

Where Can Industrial Gases Help You??
Process Artificial Atmosphere Airgas Supplied Atmosphere Airgas Advantage
Carburizing / Carbonitriding Endothermic Gas Nitrogen / Methanol / Small Endo Generator Operating Cost and Process Control
Hardening Endothermic Gas Nitrogen / Methanol Operating Cost and Process Control
Annealing Exothermic / Endothermic Gas Nitrogen / Endo Generator Operating Cost and Process Flexibility
Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing --- Nitrogen / Ammonia / Carbon Carrying Gas Process Control and Higher Quality
Brazing Dissociated Ammonia Nitrogen / Hydrogen Higher Product Quality / Process Flexibility
Cryotreating Mechanical Cooling Liquid Nitrogen Operational Savings – Reduced Maintenance

For more information contact Dan Moderidi at 440-232-7242