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Oxyfuel Solutions for Heating and Melting
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Oxyfuel Solutions for Heating and Melting

For existing furnaces with unchanged staffing, oxyfuel offers efficient solutions providing increased production capacity and flexibility, decreased fuel costs and lowered emissions of CO2, NOx and SOx. Oxyfuel has also been successfully applied in new furnaces.

More capacity with less emission:

•Throughput (ton/hour) increased up to 80%
•Fuel savings up to 50%
•Corresponding 50% reduction of CO2
•NOx emissions below 0.16 lb/mmBtu

Oxyfuel has no nitrogen ballast
Combustion is all about fuel, oxygen and ignition. Air contains only 21% oxygen; the remaining 79% is ballast, practically nitrogen. In combustion processes all this ballast is negative; it does not take part in the combustion, but has to be heated up, consuming unnecessary extra fuel. The ballast also has to be transported by electrical blowers, through oversized ducting and burners, in long furnaces and flue gas systems that are much larger in size than with using only oxygen. This has a negative impact on the capital requirements and using air will substantially increase the production of NOx.

It has been clearly demonstrated in practice that if oxygen and not air is used to combust a fuel, all the heat transfer mechanisms (convection, conduction and radiation) can be promoted at the same time. This results in a faster and also more even heating process, which cuts the total heating time thus allowing for more production capacity and flexibility. The flue gas volumes are reduced by up to 80% with no more need for bulky flue gas systems or recuperators.

Turnkey and complete scope of supply We can deliver complete turnkey installations, including engineering, project handling, revamping and commissioning. The portfolio includes equipment and control systems for oxygen-enrichment, oxygen-lancing, oxyfuel-boosting and all oxyfuel operations in number of furnace types.

We have the powerful, compact and rugged oxyfuel burners needed to retrofit existing furnaces and can provide the necessary code complient Flowtrains and controls to maximize your furnace operations.

For more information please contact bill Ollerton at 440-232-7813