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Airgas is a supplier of industrial, medical, and specialty oxygen gas.

What are the uses of Oxygen?

Oxygen is used most often for its life-sustaining and combustion supporting properties. UHP Grade is used for organic and inorganic chemical synthesis. Zero Grade is used as a fuel gas in various types of chemical analyzers. Oxygen is medically used in breathing apparatuses, transmitting oxygen to patients efficiently. Oxygen is also used for oxidation reactions -- the most obvious example is burning. Fires require oxygen to burn. This is how an oxy-acetylene torch works. The additional oxygen makes the flame much hotter and it can effectively cut metal (by melting it).

Oxygen gas is available in compressed gas cylinders and bulk.

Oxygen MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Properties of Oxygen:

Molecular Weight: 32.00
Specific Volume: 12.1
Flammable Limits: Strong Oxidizer
CGA Valve: 540
DOT Name:
Oxygen, Compressed
UN No.: UN1072
DOT Class: 2.2
DOT Label: Nonflammable Gas, Oxidizer
CAS Registry: 7782-44-7

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