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Carbon Dioxide
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Carbon Dioxide(CO2) - Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gas

Airgas is a CO2 gas supplier for industrial, medical, and specialty applications. Airgas supplies CO2 gas in bulk, liquid, and compressed gas cylinders.

What are the uses of Carbon Dioxide(CO2)?

Carbon Dioxide is used as a refrigeration gas, as a blanketing gas for chemical reactions and other applications requiring a chemically inert gas. The Bone Dry and Anaerobic Grades of Carbon Dioxide are used as atmospheres for anaerobic incubation in microbiology labs. Coleman Instrument Grade is a carrier gas for the Coleman Oxygen Analyzer. Medical carbon dioxide is used for various medical purposes, such as in its liquid phase, where it provides sub-zero temperatures for cryotherapy or other surgical practices.

Properties of Carbon Dioxide(CO2):

Molecular Weight: 44.01
Specific Volume: 8.76 CF/lb
Flammable Limits: Nonflammable
CGA Valve: 320
DOT Name:
Carbon Dioxide
UN No.: UN1013
DOT Class: 2.2
DOT Label: Nonflammable Gas
CAS Registry: 124-38-9

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