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Fall Protection

We have lifelines, lanyards, anchor points, safety harnesses and complete rescue systems for all your fall protection needs.

Airgas carries many manufacturers including Bacou-Dalloz, DBI-SALA, Miller Fall Protection, MSA (Mine Safety Appliances), North Safety Products and more.

Fall protection devices range in various cable lengths and various products that include belts, bottle holders, clips, connectors,safety harnesses, pads, pouches, work vests, anchors, body belts, booms, carabineers, climbing systems, descending devices, lanyards, pulleys, resolve systems, ropes, taglines and winches.

Rescue Systems
Rescue Systems Fall Protection
Lanyards Fall Protection Equipment
Safety Harnesses
Safety Harness Fall Protection
Anchorage Connectors
Anchorage Connectors

Airgas carries brand names including Backbiter, Falcon, Manyard, Miller, Talon, Titan and more.

Manyard Fall Protection
Miller Fall Protection Equipment
DBA Sala Brand Fall Protection
Sofstop Fall Protection

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