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Airgas Gas Regulators and Flowmeters

Airgas is the United States' largest distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases and related equipment, safety supplies, welding supplies and MRO products and services to industrial and commercial markets. From brands like ESAB, Radnor, Victor Equipment and more, Airgas offers a variety of top of the line products like specialty, medical and industrial gas regulators and equipment. Gas Regulators lower high-pressure gases to a lower more constant pressure for various uses along with the gas regulator attachments like hoses, tubes, and purifiers.

Specialty Gas Regulators and Flowmeters

Specialty Gas Regulator

There's no better source for the highest quality specialty gas regulators than Airgas. From analytical pressure regulators - general purpose, high-pressure, and special service - change-over panels and accessories, to gas generators, manifold assemblies, flowmeters, pressure gauges, valves, pigtails and hoses, and'll find it all at Airgas.

Medical Gas Regulators and Flowmeters

Medical Gas Regulator

Airgas provides a quality selection of medical regulators, in both single and two-stage versions designed for various uses. Medical gases such as oxygen, breathing air and nitrous oxide are used in anaesthetic machines, ventilators, or breathing masks. Medical Regulators are used on all of these devices to regulate the high-pressure gas down to a lower, more manageable level.

Industrial Gas Regulators and Flowmeters

Industrial Gas Regulator

No matter what CGA connection, regulator type or workload, Airgas' selection of Radnor® and Victor® industrial regulators, flowgauges and flowmeters is sure to meet your needs. Industrial Regulators are needed to bring high pressure gases down to a more manageable level.

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Specialty Gas Equipment Replacement Gauges Medical Support Equipment
Specialty Gas Equipment Replacement Gauges Medical Support Equipment