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Factors That Can Influence Respirator Selection

1. Physical Configuration of the Jobsite
Tightly constrained areas may not permit the use of self-contained breathing apparatuses even though they might be an acceptable choice. Likewise, working around obstructions or moving machinery that can snag hoses may limit the use of airline respirators.

2. Worker Medical Condition
Wearing respiratory protection poses a physical burden on the wearer. When a worker’s medical condition would prohibit restrictive breathing conditions, negative pressure respirators would not be an appropriate choice.

3. Worker Comfort
Worker preferences should be a consideration during the respirator selection process. Among air purifying respirators, powered air purifying helmets have been subjectively rated the best for breathing ease, skin comfort, and in-mask temperature and humidity while filtering face pieces rated high for lightness and convenience. Each, however, has its own drawbacks, and all these factors should be taken into account during selection.

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