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Respirator Styles
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Respirator Styles

Whether it's disposable facemasks, APR, PAPR, SCBA, supplied air systems or any of the supporting cartridges, filters or accessories, we have a wide selection of respiratory protection equipment to fit your needs.

Maintenance-Free (Air Purifying) Respirators

Maintenance Free Respirator

These APR's come already assembled with a variety of gas or chemical cartridges. Filters are also available for additional protection against particulates and other nuisance odors. These respirators are economically priced to be disposed of after their predetermined usage.

Disposable (Air Purifying) Respirators

Disposable Respirator

These maintenance-free respirators have many advantages such as comfort, lightweight materials, availability of adjustable straps, as well as overall economy. And depending on your applications, you can select a respirator that offers the features and technologies that best meet your needs.

Low Maintenance (Air Purifying) Respirators

Low Maintenance Respirator

Combining flexibility and economy, these respirators give you affordable protection with the flexibility of reusable respirators. They also give you the ability to interchange cartridges, filters, and prefilters to give you the protection you need at a price that is right.

Reusable (Air Purifying) Respirators

Reusable Respirators

These respirators are specifically designed to offer versatility, comfort and long life. Suitable for either negative or positive pressure uses, they can use filters and/or cartridges in a wide variety of combinations for a wide range of applications.

Powered (Air Purifying) Respirators - PAPR


A PAPR is a motorized (battery powered) air system that delivers a continuous flow of filtered air. These systems are available with a variety of head protection options; hoods, helmets and facepieces. Select the best option that lends itself to the environment.

Supplied Air & Airline Respirators

Supplied Air and Airline Respirator

These respirators are designed to deliver clean air to the worker. The air can be supplied from high pressure, low pressure, or cylinder sources. A variety of headgear are available; hoods, helmets, and facepieces. These respirators add comfort and protection.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus - SCBA


These systems are designed to let users transport their own supply of air. With a variety of harness and cylinder choices, an SCBA gives the protection needed in most oxygen deficient or IDLH situations that typically take place in confined space environments.

Emergency Escape only Breathing Apparatus - EBA


These lightweight systems utilize small air tanks for quick, comfortable and safe exits from IDLH atmospheres, as well as, confined spaces. These compact systems can be donned and put into use within a matter of seconds which helps expedite the departure from within dangerous environments.

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