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Nitrogen Gas
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Nitrogen Specialty, Industrial and Medical Gas

Nitrogen Gas(N2) – makes up 78.03% of air. Nitrogen is often used as an inert gas because of its nonreactive nature with many materials.

Nitrogen gas is available in cylinders and bulk.

What are the uses of Nitrogen?

Nitrogen gas is used as an inert atmosphere in food and chemical processing, as an atmosphere for crystal growing and a carrier gas for gas chromatography.

Medical Nitrogen NF This colorless, odorless, nonflammable gas constitutes a major portion (78.03%) of the earth's atmosphere. Nitrogen is relatively nonreactive and can act as a simple asphyxiant by displacing air.

Nitrogen MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

Properties of Nitrogen Gas

Molecular Weight: 28.01
Specific Volume: 13.8 CF/lb
Flammable Limits: Nonflammable
CGA Valve: 580
DOT Name:
Nitrogen, Compressed
UN No.: UN1066
DOT Class: 2.2
DOT Label: Nonflammable Gas
CAS Registry: 7727-37-9

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