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For long term, steady or heavy pressure is called for during fabrication or assembly a clamp is necessary. Airgas has a wide selection of Bessey® and Radnor® C and bar clamps and replacement parts.

At Airgas you can purchase various clamp types including 3-Jaw multipurpose, bench & pipe, c-clamp, cantilever, copper l plated clamps, high-visibility C clamps, L-clamp, industrial, powergrip, spring, ratchet action lever and more.

3 Jaw Multi Purpose
3 Jaw Multi Purpose Clamps
C Clamps
Industrial Clamps
Industrial Clamps

Powergrip Clamps
Powergrip Clamps
Spring Clamps
Spring Clamps
Ratchet Action Lever
Ratchet Action Lever Clamps

Clamps also come in a variety of accessories including arms, clamps, morpads, screws, shoes and weaver grip.

Manufacturers of clamps carried by Airgas include Bessey Clamps, Irwin Industrial Tools, James Morton Co Bessy Clamps, Radnor, Vise-Grip and Wilton Corporation.

Clamps come in a variety of ranges, capacity ranges and clamping pressures. Clamp Resources:
  • Clamps - online catalog of clamps and accessories.
  • Locking Clamps and Pliers - online catalog of blocks, chain clamps, clamps, locking clamps locking pliers and locking wrenches.
  • Vises and Accessories - online catalog of vises, I-bars, L-clamps, and spring vises.