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Abrasives and Abrasive Products
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Abrasives and Abrasive Products

Whether its sanding, buffing, or filing, Airgas has the Abrasives and Abrasive Products that you need. Abrasives including bonded, coated, non-woven, diamond all with a variety of abrasive accessories.

                                             Bonded Abrasives

                                            Coated Abrasives

Sanding Discs, Sheets and Rolls
Sanding Discs
Specialty and Miscellaneous
Specialty and Misc
Flap Discs
Flap Discs

                                        Other Abrasive Products

Grinding and Cutoff Wheels
Designed for the cutting and grinding of all varieties of metal, grinding wheels and cutoff wheels come in several types and sizes. Airgas offers Type 1 for cut off operations, Type 27 depressed center wheels for grinding and cutting, Type 29 for grinding and finishing.

Mounted Points, Stones and Other
These bonded abrasives mounted to a stem. These Norton® and Flexovit® mounted points and stones come in diameters from ¼" to 6", thicknesses from 1" to 3" and in many shapes for fitting into difficult to access areas. 

Flap Discs
Flap discs have become the abrasive of choice for material removal and finishing. As the abrasive wears, the backing material is removed exposing new abrasive. Flap discs also have a cooler operating temperature and offers greater flexibility than a grinding disc.

Non-Woven Abrasives
Non woven abrasives are made of a non-woven nylon web impregnated with abrasive grain and resin. A variety of abrasives, grit sizes and backing materials give the user an extensive and superior product offering from Norton®.

Diamond Abrasives
Airgas' offering of Norton supersabrasives (diamond and CBN) includes: resin, vitrified, metal and MSL wheels/blades; truing and dressing tools and electoplated.

Abrasive Accessories include mounted and un-mounted flap wheels, evenrun bands and coated rolls. These Norton® and Flexovit® abrasives are available in several sizes, grits and abrasive compounds.

Manufacturers of Abrasive products carried by Airgas include Norton, Flexovit, 3M, Radnor, Bosch, Dewalt and Weiler Corporation.