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Bonded Abrasives

Bonded abrasives including grinding and cut off wheels, tool sharpening and deburring, mounted points, and stones.

Bonded Abrasives - Grinding & Cut Off Wheels

Grinding and Cutoff Wheels

Designed for the cutting and grinding of all varieties of metal, the wheels found in this category come in several types and sizes. Airgas offers Type 1 for cut off operations, Type 27 depressed center wheels for grinding and cutting, Type 29 for grinding and finishing.

Bonded Abrasives -Tool Sharpening & Deburring

tool Sharpening

Sharpening and Deburring Tools are designed to cope with a great variety of applications and provide for swift adaptation to handling preferences when dealing with precision and/or rough deburring jobs.

Bonded Abrasives - Mounted Points, Stones & Other

Mounted Points

These bonded abrasives mounted to a stem. These Norton® and Flexovit® mounted points and stones come in diameters from ¼" to 6", thicknesses from 1" to 3" and in many shapes for fitting into difficult to access areas.

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