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Hand Brushes

When a power tool brush is too much or a more delicate touch is required, hand brushes are the way to go. These brushes are also used for small site clean up as well. These Weiler® and Radnor® are available with a wood, plastic or metal handle and feature brass, stainless steel, carbon steel or a variety of animal hair bristles. Many shapes and sizes are available to fit your hand brushing needs.

Hand Brushes - Brass Wire

Brass Wire Brush

Brass is a softer wire than stainless steel, yet ideal for uses that include burnishing, polishing, non-sparking static removal and some deburring and material removal.

Hand Brushes - Stainless Steel Wire

Power Tool Brushes

Stainless Steel is a highly corrosion-resistant wire to be used where contamination or rust is a problem.  Rust-proof and very strong, our Radnor and Weiler Stainless Steel wire is used to prevent harmful ferrous deposits on brushed parts. It is non-shedding.

Hand Brushes - Carbon Steel Wire

Carbon Steel Wire

Carbon Steel Wire is ideal for cleaning and removing rust and corrosion from items made of brass, copper or other soft ferrous metals--such as tools, door knobs, automobile parts and electrical contacts.

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