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Industrial Brushes - Power Tool Brushes

Power tool brushes employ crimped, knotted or stringer bead wire of various diameters in carbon steel or stainless steel in wheel or cup brush form. Most have threaded arbor holes but some are available with mounted spindles. These are excellent for finish removal, weld preparation and rust removal. You'll find various Power Tool Brushes from  Manufacturers like Radnor, Weiler Corp and Flexovit. 

Power Tool Brushes - Crimped Wire

Crimped Wire Brush

Precision-formed crimps in each bristle wire of these brushes impart a slight flexing action that produces a more gentle brushing action without reducing the efficiency of the brush in surface cleaning and texturing operations.

Power Tool Brushes - Knotted Wire

Knotted Wire Brushes

Ideal for weld cleaning, heavy flash removal, and rough surface preparation. Fabricated of high quality, high fatigue straight tempered wire for heavy and severe cleaning applications.

Power Tool Brushes - Stringer Bead Wire

Stringer Bead Wire

Excellent for stringer bead weld cleaning and other applications where a narrow brush is necessary.

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