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Respiratory Protection
APR Masks, Cartridges and Filters
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Apr Masks, Cartridges and Filters

No matter what type of respiratory protection necessary, Airgas has the APR Masks, Cartridges and Filter Products that you need. Respirators include full-face, half-face, low-maintenance, reusable/disposable and more.



Half Face Masks
Half Face Masks
Half Mask
Half Mask
Head Cover
Head Cover


Air-Purifying Masks
These APR's come already assembled with a variety of gas or chemical cartridges. Filters are also available for additional protection against particulates and other nuisance odors. These respirators are economically priced to be disposed of after their predetermined usage.

Reusable/Disposable Masks
These maintenance-free respirators have many advantages such as comfort, lightweight materials, availability of adjustable straps, as well as overall economy. And depending on your applications, you can select a respirator that offers the features and technologies that best meet your needs.

Low Maintenance Masks
Combining flexibility and economy, these respirators give you affordable protection with the flexibility of reusable respirators. They also give you the ability to interchange cartridges, filters, and prefilters to give you the protection you need at a price that is right.

Manufacturers of APR Masks, Cartridges and Filter products carried by Airgas include North Safety, Bacou-Dalloz, 3M, MSA and more.

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