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Disposable Masks

No matter what type of respiratory protection necessary for activities such as painting, sanding, lawn & garden care, Airgas has the Disposable Mask that you need. Disposable particulate respirators include Lawn & Garden, N95, P95 Particulate, Paint, Sanding and Fiberglass and more.



N99 Mask
N99 Mask
P100 Particulate Mask
P100 Particulate MAsk
P95 Particulate Mask
P95 Particulate Mask


Particulate Masks
A particulate mask provides protection to the wearer from harmful airborne substances and usually covers only the mouth and nose. It limits the course of air so that it must flow through a filter which removes harmful dusts or toxic gases.

N95 Masks
N95 disposable masks are designed for work in areas containing oil-free particulate aerosols. These masks are ideal for grinding, sanding, sweeping, general maintenance, and other work in dusty environments.

N100 Disposable Masks
These masks are 95% efficient protection against particulates and non-oil-based (N95) or oil-based aerosols (R95). They are 99.97% efficient protection against non-oil-based particulates and aerosols (N100).

P100 Disposable Masks
P100 Respirators offer the highest level of NIOSH rated filtration efficiency in a maintenance-free respirator. These masks are excellent for lead abatement, pharmaceutical manufacturing and welding, this respirator protects against substance specific regulated particles not including asbestos.

R95 Particulate Respirators
The R95 Particulate Respirators are suggested for use in Hot, humid and dusty environments such as welding, soldering and brazing, grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging, stone quarrying, and other musty environments. Use this Particulate Respirator R95 For oil and non-oil based particulates.

Manufacturers of Disposable Mask Products carried by Airgas include North Safety, Moldex, 3M, Aearo Co.and more.

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