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Gas Welding Rods come in different forms such as, Aluminum, Bronze Alloy, Carbon Steel, Copper Alloy, Hard Facing and Maintenance Alloy. Manufacturers include ESAB, Harris Welco and Radnor. You'll find all of your gas welding rod needs with Airgas.

Gas Welding Rod - Aluminum
Gas Welding Rod - Bronze Alloy
Bronze Alloy
Gas Welding Rod - Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Gas Welding Rod - Copper Alloy
Copper Alloy
Gas Welding Rod - Hard Facing
Hard Facing
Gas Welding Rod - Maintenance Alloy
Maintenance Alloy

Aluminum gas welding rod comes in two varieties, bare and flux-cored. Bare is recommended for brazing thin sheets, extruded shapes and especially corner joints. Flux-cored has non-corrosive, non-hygroscopic flux inside a tubular rod; no separate flux required.

Silicon Bronze is a copper based filler metal primarily used for TIG and oxyacetylene welding of copper, copper-silicon and copper-zinc base metals to themselves and to steel. Silicon bronze can be used for on plain or galvanized steel sheet metal. It can also be used for surfacing areas subjected to corrosion.

Airgas makes available three types of carbon steel gas welding rod. RG45 is a general-purpose, copper coated, gas welding rod used for welding low carbon steels up to 1/4" thick. It is a great selection when ductility and machinability are most important. RG60 is a high strength alloy used for gas brazing of low carbon and low alloy steels. It is used in applications where a high tensile strength is needed. The high silicon and manganese content in the product eliminates the need for flux when welding. RG65 is a low alloy oxy-fuel rod designed for high speed fusion welding of pressure vessels, tanks and piping.

Low fuming bronze bare is a general-purpose, copper base alloy brazing rod used extensively for gas brazing steel, copper alloys, cast iron, nickel alloys and stainless steel. Its low fuming characteristic and good mechanical properties make this alloy a widely used general-purpose product.

Hardfacing's purpose is to restore dimensions of worn surfaces of used implements by depositing new and improved material to extend their useful working life.

Maintenance Alloy gas welding rod is used of a variety of purposes and materials. Welding Resources:
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