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Plasma Torches
Plasma Torches
Plasma Torches: Whether you're looking to upgrade or replace and existing plasma torch, Airgas is the place to look. We have a great selection of torches from manufacturers like, ESAB®, Hypertherm®, Miller®, Thermal Arc®, and Thermal Dynamics® in amperage ranges from 15 up to 200 with connections to fit most popular plasma machines.
Plasma Torch Consumables: Shielding cups, nozzles, tips, diffusers, end caps or electrodes.
Plasma Torches - Mechanized & Racks: Plasma torches provide fast and clean cuts is mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. If you combine that with the precision of mechanized movement, you get incredibly fast, precise and repeatable cuts.
Plasma Torch Parts: Handles, switches, leads and adapters are just some of the things that can wear out with prolonged use of your plasma torch. Why not keep you torch in safe and top performing shape with parts from manufactures like ESAB®, Hypertherm®, and Thermal Dynamics®.

Manufacturers Include: Radnor, Thermal Dynamics, Hypertherm, Miller, Thermal Arc and Thermal Dynamics

TIG Torches
TIG Torches
TIG Torches: Available in air and water cooled varieties, various head angles, lead lengths from 12 ½' to 25' and amperage ratings from 150 to 425, these quality TIG torches from Radnor® and Weldcraft® are great replacements or upgrades to you TIG equipment.
TIG Torch Consumables: Keep your TIG torch working like new with our selection of Radnor® nozzles, collets and collet bodies.
TIG Torch Parts: Sometimes accidents happen or maybe your torch is getting a workout and you need to replace some parts. Our selection of Radnor® power cables, water hoses, gas hoses, back caps, cups, insulators and switches will bring that TIG torch back to life.

Manufacturers Include: ESAB, Radnor, and Weldcraft

Air and Fuel Equipment
Air/Fuel Outfits: Air/Fuel outfits with products like torch kits and torch tips, CGA connections.
Air/Fuel Equipment & Tips: Air/Fuel equipment and tips with products like tool kits and MAPP tips, propane gas tips. You'll find brands like Thermadyne Industries, and Victor Equipment.

Manufacturers Include: ESAB, Lenox White Tools, and Victor Equipment

Torches, Handles & Cutting Attachments
Torches, Handles and Cutting Attachments
Torches, Handles & Cutting Attachments: Whether you're replacing a damaged piece, upgrading or augmenting your torch handle or cutting attachment, Airgas has a great assortment of Victor® and Radnor® equipment no matter what configuration, duty rating or gas you are using.

Manufacturers Include: Harris Calorific, ESAB, Radnor and Victor Equipment

Arc Gouging Torches & Acc.
Arc Gouging Torches and Accessories
Arc Gouging Torches & Acc: Arc gouging torches and accessories including cables, cable covers, gouging, insulators, and torches in various air pressures and lengths.

Manufacturers Include: Arcair, Radnor and Tweco

Tips (Heating & Welding)
Heating and Welding Tips
Tips (Heating & Welding): Oxy/Fuel welding is the oldest form of joining two pieces of metal. Whether you're welding an I-beam, brazing a radiator or making an HVAC connection, Airgas has just the right heating and welding tip for you.

Manufacturers Include: ESAB, Harris Calorific, Radnor, Smith Equipment, and Victor Equipment

Outfits, Welding & Cutting
Welding and Cutting Outfits
Outfits, Welding & Cutting: Gas welding and cutting outfits are available in capacities from sheet metal up to ½" or more. The outfits from Victor® and Radnor® include torch head, cutting handle, hose, goggles, regulators and striker. Some self-contained kits, or totes, have a plastic carry case and includes cylinders!

Manufacturers Include: ESAB, Harris Calorific, Radnor and Victor Equipment

Torch & Regulator Repair Parts
Torch & Regulator Repair Parts
Torch & Regulator Repair Parts: Keep your Oxy/Fuel equipment in efficient and safe working order. Airgas has all the replacement parts for most popular cutting equipment - take a look!

Manufacturers Include: ESAB, Harris Calorific, Irwin Industrial Tools, Smith Equipment, and Thermal Arc