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Airgas carries a complete line of welders from manufacturers like Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, Thermal Dynamics, Hypertherm, and Victor. Airgas carries various types of welders which include stick welders, engine drive welders, TIG welders, MIG welders, multi process welders, spot welders and multi operator welders.

For more information the selection of Airgas welders chose one of the selections below.

Stick Welders 110 Volt Stick welders are able to plug into a normal household outlet. Some stick welders automatically switch between 115 and 230 volts so when you're ready to move up so are they. Purchase your arc welders and arc welding equipment with Airgas.
Engine Drive Welders Engine Drive, Arc Welders and accessories. You'll find brands like Miller, Lincoln and more with Airgas.
TIG Welders TIG Welders from Miller and Lincoln. TIG welding is often referred to as a "pretty" weld because of the quality of the bead. Purchase your TIG welder with Airgas.
MIG Welders An arc welding process which joins metals by heating them with an arc. The arc is between a continuously fed filler metal (consumable) electrode and the work piece. Externally supplied gas or gas mixtures provide shielding.
Multi-Process Welders Stick, TIG and MIG all in one machine.
Spot Welders Resistance welding is one of the oldest of the electric welding processes in use by industry today. The weld is made by a combination of heat, pressure, and time. As the name resistance welding implies, it is the resistance of the material to be welded to current flow that causes a localized heating in the part. The pressure exerted by the tongs and electrode tips, through which the current flows, holds the parts to be welded in intimate contact before, during, and after the welding current time cycle. The required amount of time current flows in the joint is determined by material thickness and type, the amount of current flowing, and the cross-sectional area of the welding tip contact surfaces.
Multi Operator Welders Airgas provides a variety of Multi operator welders. You'll find brands like Miller and more with Airgas.

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