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The Walk-O2-Bout® is an innovative solution to the issues that the Healthcare provider faces on a daily basis. With Walk-02-Bout, you can say good-bye to costly regulator repair and replacement, while making inventory problems a thing of the past.

It is Patient Ready, so you have oxygen when you need it. You do not have to search for a working regulator, and o-ring, or a cylinder "valve key." This all in one unit is ready. With the handle it makes it much easier to carry and the added benefit is the increased safety.

Walk-02-Bout Features:

CTFE Regulator piston seat
-CTFE is a polymer recommended by NASA for use in 100% oxygen atmosphere, decreases risk for fire and combustion.

Sturdy brass body construction

Convenient gauge
-UL approved with heavy-duty protector
-Convenient reference to 02

Stainless steel handle
-Easier lifting
-Safer transporting
-Protects Regulator- No more broken regulators

-Available for both steel and aluminum cylinders.

Precise flow
-Maintains precision flow settings from .25 to 25 lpm.

Relief valve
-Rupture disk relief valve is incorporated directly into the regulator for added safety.

  • Patent Ready
  • Time Saver
  • Always ready for use
  • No need to find a working regulator, o-ring or cylinder wrench