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Airgas Serves Many Markets with Essential Products

Integrated supply chain management (ISCM) is a process-oriented, integrated approach to procuring, producing and delivering products and services to customers. ISCM has a broad scope that includes sub-suppliers, suppliers, internal operations, trade customers, retail customers and end-users covering the management of material, information, and funds flows. "Aggressive management of the supply chain" is a phrase used by nearly every manufacturer in every market today. This inexorable drive to take costs out of the system is revolutionizing the distribution industry and Airgas is taking bold steps to launch itself to the forefront of this dynamic trend. Airgas, Inc., as the largest U.S. distributor of industrial, medical and specialty gases and related equipment, and the third largest distributor of safety supplies, has a franchise consisting of approximately 700 locations, including branch locations, distribution centers, and inbound and outbound telemarketing operations. Airgas continues to build on this integrated distribution network, adding new products and services and new distribution channels to its traditional branch based offering of gases and welding supplies and equipment. This broader offering of products and services, through multiple channels, all integrated by a common information/procurement/logistics infrastructure, allows customers in our target markets to reduce their number of vendors and, in turn, reduce their cost of procuring supplies.