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Airgas is in the process of transitioning to a new SAP business information system to enhance our capabilities and provide the best service available. To leverage the full potential of SAP, Airgas is migrating to a new operating structure consisting of four new divisions, as well as migrating the majority of its U.S. distribution business units — including all Airgas regional companies — into one new distribution entity, Airgas USA, LLC, wholly owned by Airgas, Inc.

To Our Valued Customers:

Our operating philosophy remains unchanged, and our goal is to provide you with superior local service. Please continue to place orders for Airgas products and services by contacting the same Airgas location and the same Airgas representatives you have used in the past. You can continue to place orders by phone or fax using the existing telephone numbers, or by eBusiness on

Thank you for your current business and continued partnership with Airgas.

Airgas USA, LLC Structure

The following companies have joined Airgas USA, LLC:
North Division: Great Lakes Region, North Central Region
South Division: South Region, Mid America Region
Central Division: Mid South Region, Southwest Region
West Division: West Region, NCN Region

Customers will be notified as the following companies join Airgas USA, LLC:
North Division: Airgas East, Airgas Northeast
South Division: Airgas National Welders
Central Division: Airgas Intermountain
West Division: Airgas Nor Pac

Airgas Safety, Airgas Merchant Gases, Airgas Specialty Gases, Airgas Carbonic and Dry Ice, Airgas Nitrous Oxide, Airgas Retail Solutions, and Airgas Refrigerants

The following companies will not join Airgas USA, LLC at this time:
Airgas Specialty Products
Airgas Medical Services
Airgas On-Site Safety Services

Reference Documents

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact your current Airgas representative.

Airgas USA, LLC Form W-9: National Accounts

Airgas USA, LLC Form W-9: North Division

Airgas USA, LLC Form W-9: South Division

Airgas USA, LLC Form W-9: Central Division

Airgas USA, LLC Form W-9: West Division