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Helium (He) U.S.P.

Cylinder Color: Brown

He- A colorless, odorless, nonflammable gas is only one-seventh as heavy as air. Helium is inert chemically and pharmacologically and can act as a simple asphyxiant by displacing air.

Major Hazards: High Pressure and Suffocation

Exposure Limit: Simple Asphyxiant (ACGIH 1995-96)

Fire Potential: Nonflammable

Odor: None

Mol. Wt.: 4.003

Sp. Gr. (Air = 1) 70° F (21° C): 0.138

Critical Temperature: -450.3° F (-268° C)

Critical Pressure: 33.22 psia (2.3 kg/cm2abs)

Specific Volume: 96.7 ft3/lb at 70° F (5.90 m3/kg at 15° C)

CAS Registry No.: 7440-59-7

D.O.T. Description: Helium, Compressed, 2.2, UN1046

Medical Applications: As a component of breathing mixtures, to reduce the density of the mixture, and thus facilitate breathing under certain physical and physiological conditions.
Valve ConnectionCylinder SizeContentsPressure PSIG @70°FNominal Gross Wt.
CGA 580 (Threaded)200 218ft36.04m32,200psig 154.7kg/cm2146lb 66.4kg
CGA 580 (Threaded)190 194ft35.38m32,200psig 154.7kg/cm2135lb 61.2kg
CGA 930 (Pin-Indexed)ME22.0ft30.61m32,015psig 141.7kg/cm214.8lb 6.71kg
CGA 930 (Pin-Indexed)ED18.3ft30.51m32,200psig 154.7kg/cm212.6lb 5.72kg
CGA 930 (Pin-Indexed)MD13.5ft30.37m32,015psig 141.7kg/cm29.7lb 4.4kg

Purity Specifications
U.S.P. 99.0% He, min.
CO < 10 ppm
Odor None detected