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Oxygen (02) U.S.P.

Cylinder Color: Green

02- This colorless, odorless gas makes up about one-fifth of the earth’s atmosphere (20.99% by volume). Oxygen is not flammable, but it causes combustible materials to burn vigorously. Never permit oil, grease or other combustibles to come in contact with pure oxygen or associated equipment.

Major Hazards: Vigorously Accelerates Combustion and High Pressure

Exposure Limit: None

Fire Potential: Highly Oxidizing

Odor: None

Mol. Wt.: 32.00

Sp. Gr. (Air = 1) 70° F (21° C): 1.105

Critical Temperature: -181.1° F (-118° C)

Critical Pressure: 737.1 psia (51.8 kg/cm2abs)

Specific Volume: 12.1 ft3/lb at 70°F (0.75 m3/kg at 15° C)

CAS Registry No.: 7782-44-7

D.O.T. Description: Oxygen, Compressed, 2.2, UN1072

Oxygen, Refrigerated Liquid, 2.2, UN1073

Medical Applications: Used in first aid treatment of emergencies such as suffocation and heart attacks, in the treatment of patients with respiratory disorders, in anesthesia and in hyperbaric oxygen chambers for treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene and other specialized oxygen therapies.

Valve ConnectionCylinder SizeContentsPressure PSIG @70°FNominal Gross Wt.
CGA 540
300337ft39.34m32,640psig 185.6kg/cm2175lb 80.6kg
CGA 540
250280ft37.76m32,490psig 185.6kg/cm2170lb 77.3kg
CGA 540
200249ft36.90m32,200psig 154.7kg/cm2153lb 69.5kg
CGA 870
ME24.9ft30.69m32,015psig 140.6kg/cm216.5lb 7.48kg
CGA 870
(Pin-Indexed)(CHIPS also available)
EA]24.1ft30.67m32,015psig 140.6kg/cm213.2lb 5.97kg
CGA 870
ED20.9ft30.58m32,200psig 140.6kg/cm214lb 6.35kg
CGA 870
MD15.3ft30.42m32,015psig 140.6kg/cm210.7lb 4.85kg
CGA 870
(CHIPS also available)
DA]14.6ft30.41m32,015psig 140.6kg/cm210.7lb 4.85kg
CGA 540
CGA 440
(5/8" Flare)
180LT5,000ft3131m3230psig 6.37kg/cm2654lb 296kg

Aluminum cylinder

Oxygen made by the air liquefaction process and when so labeled, is exempt from these tests.

Bulk liquid oxygen is also available.

Purity Specifications
U.S.P. 99.0% 02, min.
CO** <10 ppm
C02** <300 ppm
Odor None detected