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Tonometry Standards
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Tonometry Standards

Quality control is an essential element of blood gas analysis. Airgas Puritan Medical manufactures and distributes tonometry standards for laboratories that use tonometers for quality control. The tonometry standard is a known gas mixture that equilibrates with a liquid sample creating a fluid with a known pO2 and pCO2.

The mixtures listed below represent those most commonly recommended by tonometer manufacturers. Custom mixtures are also available. Available in 200, ME and MD size cylinders.

Mixture Composition
3% Carbon Dioxide, 4% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
3% Carbon Dioxide, 18% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
5.5% Carbon Dioxide, 13% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
6% Carbon Dioxide, 12% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
10% Carbon Dioxide, 7% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen

Custom Mixtures
5.5% Carbon Dioxide, 5.5% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen