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Transcutaneous Monitor Standards
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Transcutaneous Monitor Standards

Noninvasive transcutaneous monitors are used in life support monitoring, caloric assessments and diagnosis of certain pulmonary, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders. These instruments continuously monitor pO2 and pCO2,making it possible to track rapid changes in patient conditions and provide early warning of inadequate oxygen delivery. They are most valuable in situations where invasive monitoring techniques are contraindicated, for example, in monitoring critically ill patients or infants with lower blood volumes.

Transcutaneous monitors need to be calibrated with a gas standard at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. Airgas Puritan Medical' transcutaneous monitor standards are produced to Precision Plus specifications. They are available in mixtures most commonly recommended by manufacturers in smaller disposable cylinders to provide the portability that continuous noninvasive monitoring requires. All cylinders have a standard CGA 600 valve connection.

Mixture Composition
5% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Nitrogen
10% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Nitrogen
5% Carbon Dioxide, 21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
10% Carbon Dioxide, 21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen

Minimum order is one case of twelve cylinders.