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Pulmonary and Lung Diffusion Mixtures
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Pulmonary Function Mixtures

Pulmonary function testing is a noninvasive means of evaluating lung and heart efficiency. It is used in both critical care and diagnostics. Applications include wellness and disability evaluations, rehabilitation fitness, neonatology, intensive care and diagnosis of pulmonary, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders. The Airgas Puritan Medical pulmonary function testing line of specialty gases consists of lung diffusion mixtures and stress exercise calibration standards. All mixtures are made with U.S.P./N.F. components when applicable.

Lung Diffusion Mixtures

Lung diffusion mixtures are used by licensed practitioners to perform pulmonary function testing. The patient inhales the mixture, which includes a low percentage of carbon monoxide. The exhaled breath is then analyzed to determine how well the patient's lungs have diffused carbon monoxide. Helium is present in the mixture to determine lung volume. Very low percentages of methane or neon may be used in place of helium, depending on the method of analysis of the instrument. These lung diffusion mixtures may also be used to calibrate the analyzer. Lung diffusion mixtures are made to Precision specifications.

Mixture Composition
0.3% Carbon Monoxide, 10% Helium, 21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen (Single Breath)
0.3% Carbon Monoxide, 0.3% Neon, 21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen (Single Breath)
0.3% Carbon Monoxide, 0.5% Neon, 21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen (Single Breath)
0.3% Carbon Monoxide, 0.3% Methane, 21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen (Single Breath)
0.1% Carbon Monoxide, 21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen (Steady State)
0.5% Acetylene, 21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen, (Capillary Blood Volume)
0.2% C18O, Balance Nitrogen*
0.2% C18O, 21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen*

Please contact your Airgas Puritan Medical Sales Representative for any mixtures not listed.

CAUTION: Federal (U.S.) law prohibits dispensing without a prescription.

* Supply based on availability of C18O