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Stress Calibration Mixture
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Stress Calibration Mixture

Stress exercise testing measures heart and lung response to stress. The patient exercises on a treadmill or ergo meter while various respiratory parameters, such as minute ventilation, heart rate, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production are recorded. This information is then analyzed for the purpose of evaluating heart and lung function and diagnosing various cardiopulmonary disorders. Stress exercise equipment should be recalibrated using a certified gas standard prior to a patient evaluation. The Airgas Puritan Medical line of calibration standards consist of the most common mixtures recommended by the major equipment manufacturers. Custom mixtures are available to suit your individual patients or your research requirements.

Two-Component Calibration Mixtures
10% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
12% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
21% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen

Two-Component Custom Calibration Mixtures
5.5% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen

Three-Component Calibration Mixtures
5% Carbon Dioxide, 12% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
4% Carbon Dioxide, 16% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
8% Carbon Dioxide, 24% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen
10% Carbon Dioxide, 35% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen

Three-Component Custom Calibration Mixtures
5.5% Carbon Dioxide, 5%-80% Oxygen, Balance Nitrogen