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Biological Incubation Atmospheres
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Biological Incubation Atmospheres

Biological atmosphere mixtures are used to control and maintain conditions in laboratory incubators and anaerobic chambers. This equipment is used to conduct studies on tissue and the clinical growth of bacteria for research and diagnostic purposes. The Airgas Puritan Medical line of biological atmosphere mixtures includes anaerobic and aerobic mixtures. Custom mixtures to meet specific atmospheric requirements are also available, please contact your Airgas Puritan Medical Sales Representative for more information.

Anaerobic Mixtures
5% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Nitrogen*
3% Hydrogen, 97% Carbon Dioxide
5% Carbon Dioxide, 3% Hydrogen, Balance Nitrogen
10% Carbon Dioxide, 5% Hydrogen, Balance Nitrogen**

Custom Anaerobic Mixtures
5.5% Hydrogen, Balance Carbon Dioxide
5.5% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Nitrogen
5.5% Carbon Dioxide, 5.5% Hydrogen, Balance Nitrogen

Aerobic Mixtures
5% Oxygen, 10% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Nitrogen
5% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Oxygen**

* For use on BACTEC® HR660 and HR735 Equipment
** For use on BACTEC® 460 Equipment

Custom Aerobic Mixtures
5.5% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Air
5.5% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Oxygen

Campylobacter Incubation Gas Mixtures (Campy Gas)

These mixtures are most commonly used to promote maximum growth of Campylobacter bacteria. Each product is available as a Custom Grade mixture in the returnable "H" or "E" cylinder and disposable "ED"cylinder indicated below. The disposable "ED" provides enough mixture to fill over 800 single-plate incubation bags.

Mixture Composition
5.5% Oxygen, 5.5% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Nitrogen
5% Oxygen, 10% Carbon Dioxide, Balance Nitrogen