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Gas Chromography Mixture
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Gas Chromography Mixture

Flame Ionization Detector (FID) Fuel Mixtures

These mixtures are used as the fuel gas on flow-through type FIDs, such as total hydrocarbon analyzers.
40% Hydrogen, 60% Nitrogen, THC as Methane <.5 PPM
40% Hydrogen, 60% Helium, THC as Methane <.5 PPM

Electron Capture Detector (ECD) Gas Mixtures

These mixtures are used as carrier gases for gas chromatographs that use electron capture detectors. They enhance the sensitivity and stability of the detector.
P-5 Mixture, 5% Methane, Balance Argon
8.5% Hydrogen, Balance Helium

Nuclear Counter Measures

These mixtures are used with various instruments for measuring radioactivity and ionization.

P-5 Mixture (Proportional Counting Gas) 5% Methane, Balance Argon
P-10 Mixture (Proportional Counting Gas) 10% Methane, Balance Argon
0.95% Isobutane, Balance Helium (Geiger Flow Gas)
1.5% Propane, Balance Helium (Geiger Flow Gas)
1.3% n-Butane, Balance Helium (Quench Gas)