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Sterilant Gas
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Sterilant Gas

Oxyfume© 2002

Oxyfume 2002 sterilant gas is a nonflammable, non-corrosive, toxic liquid and gas under pressure. It is an environmentally safer mix of HCFC-124 (hydrocholorofluorocarbon), HCFC-22 (chlorodifluoromethane) and ethylene oxide (EO).

Oxyfume© 2002 is a liquefied compressed gas, exhibiting a vapor pressure of 48 psig at 70°F. Oxyfume 2002 is colorless and has a normal boiling point of -6.8°F.

Users of Oxyfume 2002 should study Material Safety Data Sheet OXYF-0008 and become aware of product hazards and safety information, prior to use.


- Oxyfume 2002 is a replacement for the CFC-12 based sterilant gas (12/88). Users will not have to add new equipment or change operating procedures.
- Oxyfume 2002 is a D.O.T. nonflammable sterilizing gas which may be used in existing sterilization chambers with only very minor changes to sterilizer controls and cycle times.
- Sterilizer manufacturers (such as AMSCO, Joslyn and MDT Corp.) have tested Oxyfume 2002 and can help hospitals convert easily from 12/88 in one day.
- HCFC-124/HCFC-22 (70/30 weight ratio in blend) has 1/30th the Ozone Depletion Potential of CFC-12.
- Under current regulations, HCFC-124 and HCFC-22 are approved for manufacture until the year 2030
- EO/HCFC-124/HCFC-22 mix is listed as an acceptable substitute for 12/88 by the EPA's Significant New Alternatives Program.
- The federal excise tax on CFC-12 does not apply to Oxyfume 2002.
- The cylinder in manufactured to D.O.T. 4BA300 specifications.
- Net Contents: 135 pounds
- Gross Weight: 195 pounds (approximate).
- Materials of construction:

    - Cylinder made of steel.
    - Liquid withdrawal tube of stainless steel - reduces tube breakage and minimizes polymer growth.
    - Brass Valve – eliminates rust and corrosion

- 375 psig safety valve
- Gas tight plug in valve - prevents gas escaping in the event a valve is accidentally opened or leaks.

Oxyfume© 2002 Sterilant Gas in an FC Style Cylinder

Oxyfume 2002 is delivered in the same type of cylinder that you are accustomed to receiving with 12/88 sterilant gas. The FC cylinder is a low pressure cylinder which contains 135 pounds of Oxyfume 2002. The relative light weight of the cylinder (gross weight, full: 195 lbs) makes this package convenient for shipping and handling.

Cylinder Connections

- Cylinder Valve - CGA 510 Connection (left-handed thread). Use brass nut and nipple connectors.
- In sterilant filling plants, 3,000 psig double braided, stainless steel, PTFE-lined ½" flexible hoses are used for liquid transfer.