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Composite Advantages

  • Lightest weight cylinders available - up to 70% lighter than steel.
  • Featherweight models are ideal for patients requiring ambulatory oxygen.
  • Wide range of sizes - capacities from 4 cubic feet and up.
  • Durable, easy-care materials assure long cylinder life.
  • Thin-walled aluminum liner with epoxy resin overwrap: Hoop wrap features both helical- and hoop-wrapping with carbon, fiberglass or Kevlar fibers. Cycle tested in excess of 10,000 cycles at service pressure.
  • Minimum burst pressure tested to over 3 times service pressure without failure.
  • Made to all recognized international standards. Corrosion-resistant - requires no special coatings or finishes. Stronger pound-for-pound than standard steel cylinders. Built-in ProtexalTM corrosion protection technology.
  • DOT approved