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MRI Safe Products
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MRI Safe Products

In a MR environment even devices that seem safe can become projectiles, placing both the patient and staff at risk for serious, or even fatal injuries. Airgas Puritan Medical recognizes these concerns and offers a full line of cylinders, regulators, valves, and carts that fit your medical gas needs, and more importantly – are MRI safe, enhancing the safety of your patients and staff.


Our zinc plated valve is the only US manufactured valve to date, to have satisfied all known industry requirements for total MR safety and compatibility.


We offer ‘E’ size cylinders that are MRI safe.


This Slim Line series flowmeter features an anodized aluminum body with a brass adjustment knob and polycarbonate inner and outer tubes. Available for use with Oxygen only, with a 0-15 lpm flow range.


The MRI compatible preset regulator features an all-brass body and high-pressure chamber. Available for use with Oxygen only and preset to 50 psi, this regulator is tested to CGA standards – including ignition testing

The MRI compatible flowmeter regulator features an all-brass body and high-pressure chamber. The flowmeter is constructed of anodized aluminum with a brass adjustment knob. Available for use with Oxygen only, with a 0-15 lpm flow range.

Our Ingage Line of Medical gas regulators offer a unique pressure gauge built into the body with a window to show the cylinder pressure. The “click style” flowmeter module offers 12 flow settings and will operate in any position or while moving, with an operating range of 20 or 50 psi. This regulator line is available in CGA 870, 540, 950 or 910 inlet and outlet connections. It is available with hose barb DISS check valves or DISS fittings. The modular design allows the user to customize the regulator so that it will fit almost any need.

Carts & Racks

We currently offer a line of four carts and one rack that are MR environment safe. These all stainless, highly durable carts and mounts, are painted white and have been tested inside a Philips 1.5 Tesla Magnet with no attraction or disturbance to the coil.