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Cryogenic Spray Gun

For over 30 years, Brymill Cryogenic Systems has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of hand held cryosurgery equipment. This is why Airgas Puritan Medical has chosen to distribute this leading line of products. Over the years, our range of products has developed into the largest, most comprehensive selection available, and suits all needs from the basic treatment of warts to the more complex treatment of malignancies.

Patented design features make the CRY-AC the safest and most versatile hand held cryosurgical unit on the market today. Features include:

  • A pressure release system which allows any pressure build up inside the flask to begin venting as soon as the cap is twisted
  • An insulated reinforced delivery tube system
  • A Derlin collar insulating the users hand from the cover
  • CRY-AC is fully autoclavable
  • Fitted with a Delrin Base, adding extra stability to the unit.

The CRY-AC and CRY-AC-3 carry a 3-year warranty covering parts and labor.
Units are supplied with one A, one B, one D, and two C apertures, and the 20g Bent Spray.


Airgas Puritan Medical also carries the full line of CRY-AC and CRY-AC-3 Accessories

Closed Probes:

  • Mini Probes
  • Conical Probe
  • Ball Probe
  • Flat Probe
  • Concave, Bent and Elliptical Probes
  • Domes, Flat Cervical and Cervical Probes

Open Sprays:

  • Aperture
  • Straight Spray Extension
  • Bent Spray Extension
  • Cryochamber
  • Acne Spray Tip
  • Intra-nasal Bayonet

Additional Equipment:

  • Tissue Temperature Monitor Thermocouple Needles
  • Luer Lock Adapter
  • Back Vent Adapter
  • Malleable Extension
  • Right-Angle Extension
  • Cryotote
  • Carry Case
  • Cryoplates
  • Cryocones
  • CD-Rom
  • Cryosurgery Book