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Oxygen Therapy Equipment Rental Program
Airgas Puritan Medical is pleased to offer an Equipment Rental Program with a range of oxygen therapy products designed for efficiency, durability, reliability, and most of all excellent patient care.
PMP understands how the initial high acquisition costs can curb the purchase of new oxygen therapy equipment. Therefore, through our rental program we are able to:

  • Ease your cash flow
  • Offer state-of-the-art technology
  • Assist in breaking barriers to entering market segments
  • Maintain the equipment to regulatory compliance levels

Liquid Oxygen Equipment
Puritan Bennett Liquid Oxygen Systems - HELiOS™ HELiOS Reservoir

The HELiOS Reservoir is part of an innovative liquid oxygen system that provides 24 hour per day home oxygen therapy with typically less than one liquid oxygen delivery per month. The Reservoir provides the patient with a source of liquid oxygen to fill any HELiOS Portable for ambulatory use and a source of gaseous oxygen to power the HELiOS Portable at home. The unique design of the Reservoir virtually eliminates oxygen evaporation losses both in standby mode and when supplying gaseous oxygen to a patient. The Reservoir is available in two models, the H-36 holds 36 liters (85 lbs/38.5 kg) of liquid oxygen while the H-46 holds 46 liter (110 lbs/49.9 kg) of liquid oxygen. 

HELiOSTM Portable:

The HELiOS 300 Portable is an extremely small, lightweight portable liquid oxygen unit that can be used as a 24 hour per day interface for oxygen therapy patients. The H-300, when used with the HELiOS Reservoir, provides an integrated oxygen delivery system. When the patient fills the H-300 with liquid oxygen for ambulatory use, it provides about 10 hours of oxygen at a flow setting of 2 using an integral 4:1 conserving module. For sleep and sedentary periods at home, the patient attaches a flexible oxygen supply tube from the Reservoir to the H-300. This enables the patient to breathe gaseous oxygen and minimize normal evaporative losses from the Reservoir. 

Companion® 21/31/41 Liquid Oxygen Stationaries

Companion® is the stationary liquid oxygen line that sets quality and reliability standards for long-term oxygen therapy. Companion 21, 31 and 41 models have capacities, respectively, of 21, 31 and 41 liquid liters of oxygen. Proven vessel designs are rugged and easy to use. Low maintenance, long life ensures continued reliability. Compatible with all Companion portable liquid oxygen units.

Companion® 1000 Portable Liquid Oxygen Unit

The Companion® 1000 portable combines reliability with comfort and convenience in a durable, simple-to-use portable liquid oxygen system. It fills easily and quickly from any Companion stationary liquid oxygen reservoir.

Companion® T High-Flow Portable Liquid Oxygen Unit

Designed for acute and post-acute patient transport, the Companion® T is a safe, convenient, cost-effective alternative to high-pressure cylinders. Holds 60% more gaseous oxygen than an E cylinder. 

Penox Liquid Oxygen Systems
Base Unit Product Features

The Penox Base Unit comes in both a 40 and 55-liter capacity, depending on the patient's needs. High flow vaporizing coils allow for flows up to 15 lpm. It operates on gas pressure, eliminating the need for batteries or wires and there is no capacitance probe to short out. The large multi-colored gauge faces and analog calibration screw for no-hassle settings, makes this unit sensitive and accurate - virtually eliminating false readings. The sway proof inner anchor eliminates stress on the neck area to withstand rough handling, with tougher materials, sturdier design the Penox Base Unit offers a 5 year vacuum warranty. 

Escort Portable Product Features:

Smart. Small. Lightweight. A snap to use. The Escort design is fully compatible with the most popular liquid oxygen base units in the market.

You can take it most anywhere you want to go. Measuring less than 5.78 inches wide by 10.92 inches high and 4.15 inches deep, the Escort packs a lot of features in its small design. Plus, the Escort uses an ingenious electronic conserving device powered by two AA batteries which provides over 8 hours of deliverable oxygen therapy to the patient per filling. Only the Escort offers a continuous flow switch that will automatically bypass the conserving device to allow the patient uninterrupted prescribed oxygen flow. 

Total O2 Delivery System by Chad Therapeutic

This concentrator is a revolutionary product that brings together stationary and ambulatory oxygen systems in one safe and simple device. This system is so complete naming it was simple - Total O2 Delivery System. Each system includes a stationary oxygen system for the patient to use in their homes; while a patented filling mechanism is incorporated in this stationary unit to enable the patient to refill their portable oxygen cylinders for ambulation. 

AirSep® - NewLife Elite®

Building reliable medical oxygen concentrators is the foundation of AirSep's global business. Airsep, with its time-proven reliability and worldwide manufacturing has introduced a superior concentrator, the NewLife Elite. The NewLife Elite brings incomparable performance and value to today's price sensitive market. This unit will include the new OxySilent sound reduction package, ensuring your patient enjoys a quieter, smooth, and power-efficient operating system.