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SODALIME is used to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from breathing systems in many applications:

  • Metabolic Monitoring.
  • Oxygen Therapy.
  • Anesthesia Administration.

Used in closed and semi-closed patient breathing circuits. Allows for rebreathing of anesthetic agents like desflurane, enflurane, halothane and seoflurane.


SODALIME carbon dioxide absorbent is a high performance mixture of alkali metal hydroxides; principally hydrated like (Ca(OH)2) with a small amount of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). SODALIME contains no potassium hydroxide (KOH). A special mixing method, using contemporary processes with statistical process control (SPC), is employed to control moisture content (12-19%), hardness, and porosity to assure reliable product with maximum absorptive capacity.


The color of fresh unused SODALIME ranges from white to slightly off-white. Since SODALIME contains ethyl violet, the product's color changes progressively to violet as CO2 absorption capacity is exhausted. In normal use, the ethyl violet color change is initiated when the carbonic acid (H2CO3) level increases with a corresponding decrease in pH. This color change, from white or off-white to violet, indicates that SODALIME is reaching or has reached its CO2 absorptive capacity, and there is need for immediate replenishment.

If not replenished and allowed to stand unused, caustics from the core of the granule slowly migrate to the surface and neutralize the carbonic acid. In this case, the pH level increases and the color change is reversed and the used material returns to a white or off-white color. In this situation, SODALIME will appear to be fresh, even though it is at least partially exhausted. SODALIME in this apparently fresh condition should be replaced and never used again, as it will change color almost immediately.

Because the color change is fully reversible and the quality of the color change is affected by a variety of factors, it should be used only as a visual indicator. It is therefore essential that color change be used in conjunction with other exhaustion measurement techniques to determine when replacement is necessary.

Sodalime - Features, Advantages and Benefits:

Features Advantages Benefits
Low dustDust is undesirable in that it can cause
a handling hazard to anesthesia staff and potentially affects patient safety. Sodalime is equal to the current leading no-granular brand form.
No complaints from inhalation of dust from staff or patient
Graded particle size couple with high particle surface area.Maximum duration per kg yields high efficiency CO2 absorption.Lower operating costs.
Low KOH (Potassium/Barium Hydroxide)Minimum anesthetic agent degradation.Less replacement of anaesthetic agent means lower cost.
Good resistance to dry gas desiccation.No carbon monoxide formation.Low risk to the patient
Excellent concentration control of indicator dye.No overdosing which cause amine emanation or dye under-dosing which causes poor color change.Low odor and good visual color change.
Low bulk density.Less weight required to fill the absorber and less waste when refilling frequently prior to full exhaustion. Lower operating costs.

Significant process improvements have resulted in a product that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

  • Complies with all requirements for Soda Lime as referenced in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia/National Formulary (U.S./NF).
  • For medical application. Moisture 12% to 19%, 4-8 Mesh with ethyl violet color indicator refer to Data Sheet 799917-00 for technical information
  • ISO 9002 certified

Sodalime Pre-Packaged Cartridges

For use with anesthesia machine absorbers. Each cartridge contains approximately 2.5 lbs. Of absorbent granules. Packaged 12 per carton. Shipping weight is 36 lbs. Cartons are double wall construction to help protect from handling damage. Packaged 28 cartons per pallet.

Sodalime Canister Refill

For us with refillable canisters. Each bag contains approximately 3 lbs. Of pourable granules. Packaged 12 bags per carton. Shipping weight is 41 lbs. Cartons are double wall construction to help protect contents from handling damage. Packaged 18 cartons per pallet.

Sodalime Pail

The five gallon pail is the most economical method for refillable canisters which require pour fills. Each pail contains approximately 37 pounds of pourable granules. Shipping weight is 40 lbs. Packaged 24 pails per pallet.