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Airgas Three-Shelf Industrial First Aid Cabinet
The Three-Shelf Cabinet is ideal when space is limited. Lightweight enough to be portable or can be wall mounted. Durable metal construction with white powder coat assures long-lasting wear with minimal maintenance. The Three-Shelf cabinet is available with a standard fill or can be customized to meet your company's specific needs. Standard cabinet fill may vary from photo due to stat OSHA requirements. Measures 15"H x 17"W x 5 1/2"D

Airgas Mobile Utility Kit
Durable metal construction with fold down lid. Filled with an assortment of products to meet your first aid needs. Ideal for work crews. Custom fills available. Measures 15 1/2"H x 10 1/2"W x 4 3/4"D

Johnson & Johnson Plastic 25-Person Weatherproof First Aid Kit
Lightweight Plastic First Aid Kit features a virtually indestructible, high density plastic shell that is dust proof and weatherproof. Sturdy handle and mounting tabs are built in, and contents meet the needs of most working environments for up to 25 people. Contents total: 152 items.

Airgas Waterproof First Aid Kit
Waterproof, rust-proof metal kit contains a balanced assortment of first aid products that is perfect for small plants, schools, buses and trucks. Housed in a sturdy 13 1/2" x 9 1/4" x 2 3/4" metal case. Kit contains an assortment of bandages and dressings, various sizes of stretch gauze, tape, PVP iodine wipes, ammonia inhalants, first aid cream, antiseptic wipes, triangular bandage, cold packs, scissors, tweezers, one pair latex gloves, and first aid book.

Airgas Water-Resistant First Aid Kit
Water-resistant, professional first aid kit housed in a 9 3/16" x 6 1/4" x 2 3/4" plastic wall mountable case. Ideal for home, office, worksites and vehicle. Kit contains a variety of bandages and dressings, sterile cotton, tape, antiseptic wipes, first aid cream, ammonia inhalants, eye pads, eye wash, instant cold pack, scissors, tweezers, one pair latex gloves, first aid instruction chart and label for doctor's approval.

Airgas Handy Kit and Handy Kit Jr.
The Handy Kit and Handy Kit Jr. Have a little of everything to conveniently meet the basic first aid need of one or two people.