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Polypropylene Bouffant Caps
Keep hair out of your eyes and away from your work area with sanitary hair covers. Ideal for food processing, electronic and pharmaceutical manufacturing or general industry. Polypropylene bouffant caps are packaged 100 per dispenser box or 100 per bag.

Tyvek® Bouffant Cap
Non-linting Tyvek® Bouffant Cap keeps hair covered for excellent product protection in food processing, electronic and pharmaceutical applications.

Ansell Blue Bouffant Headcover
Blue Bouffant Headcover has a sewn elastic edge for a comfortable fit all day in food processing, food service, electronic manufacturing and assembly, and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. The base fabric is a lightweight spunbond polypropylene material.

Beard Restraints
Choose from breathable, non-woven polypropylene fabric or heavyweight honeycomb nylon net. Covers face area and stays secure with elastic band.

Nylon Hairnets
Soft, heavyweight nylon honeycomb style hairnets with 1/8” hole aperture are ideal for food processing, food service, clean room and other areas requiring hair restraint. Elastic bands on these hairnets ensure comfortable fit. Sold 100 hairnets per box.

Nylon Mesh Hairnets
Sort lightweight sheer mesh nets are elasticized for a sure fit. Their 1/8” hole aperture assures proper hair restraint. Available in small, medium and large.

Stockinet Hairnets
Superfine nylon mesh hairnet provides positive hair control while still allowing airflow for cool comfort. Strong for extended wear, these white stockinet hairnets also feature elastic for a sure fit.

Acrylic Dispenser
Perfect for bulk bouffant caps, beard covers, or shoe covers, this tough acrylic dispenser features a top loading lid and a 4” round center opening for easy dispensing. Ready for mounting on the wall, it holds approximately 200 pieces.

Ansell Endurosaf™ Apron
Enduro 2000™ is an innovative material created to outperform vinyl, nitrile and neoprene in a wide variety of applications. Its unique characteristics include long-wearing strength with exceptional resistance to abrasion, chemicals an deterioration from oils and fats. Enduro 2000™ is also softer, easier to clean, more comfortable and more flexible in extreme old than traditional materials. Its exclusive flex-fatigue resistance makes the Endurosaf™ Apron the ideal choice for food processing, medical, clean room, laboratory, photo processing, industrial and chemical applications. Available in white, yellow or blue. Sold individually.

Barrier Aprons
Slip over style with heat sealed seams and waist ties. Barrier apron is sold individually.

Ansell Vinyl Aprons
Blue Vinyl Aprons offer excellent protection against acids, alkalis, solvents, chemicals, oils, fats, salts and abrasions. They’re available in economical die-cut style or deluxe style with nylon serged seams, 4 heat sealed grommets and separate ties. Sold individually. Made in USA.

Vinyl Aprons
Medium and Heavyweight Vinyl Aprons provide strong protection against a variety of harsh elements. 8 mil aprons feature nylon serged seams, electronically heat-sealed bib and grommets, and separate nylon ties. 20mil aprons also have heat-sealed grommets and sewn edges for extra strength and long working performance. Sold individually. Made in USA.

Durable Vinyl Sleeve
Durable Vinyl Sleeve Clear 4 mil vinyl is constructed with elastic completely heat-sealed into both ends for complete protection. Durable Vinyl Sleeve resists chemical, fats, oils, grease, punctures and abrasions. Sold individually.

Tyvek® Hoods
Shoulder length pullover hood is available in two styles. Drawstring or elastic styles provide face and neck maximum particulate protection. Drawstring style is packaged 250 per case, while elastic style is packaged 200 per case. Each hood is sold individually.

Tyvek® Apron and Sleeve
Tough, tear-resistant Tyvek® protects against chemical and hazardous materials. Apron measures 28” x 36”. 18” Tyvek® Sleeve has elastic at both ends. Both apron and sleeve are sold individually.

Non-Skid Plypropylene Shoe Covers
Reduce the risk of slipping with gripper safety treads on bottom or durable polypropylene shoe cover. Elastic closure. One size fits all. 50 pair per dispenser box.

Disposable Shoe and Boot Covers
Tyvek® shoe and boot covers are uni-size with elastic opening. Regular or anti-skid styles. Sold per pair.