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Airgas Puritan Medical offers a versatile range of products to meet your safety eyewear needs. With a product range that offers adjustability, a wide variety of styles and replacement lenses - you will find safety eyewear to suit your needs.

Uvex® Products

AO Safety Products

Lens Cleaning 

Uvex Safety Eyewear Products
Astrospec 3000®
Adjustability and contemporary styling from uvex®. Unique adjustable lens inclination and temple length. Frames are impact resistant, lightweight nylon. Seven contemporary frame colors. Features single, replaceable polycarbonate lens with molded sideshields in clear, gray or mirror. Choose from ultrdura® or uvextreme® AF hard lens coating. Also available with soft cushion duoflex® temples.
Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 and CSA Z94.3 - 1992 standards.

Astrospec 3000® CB
The special polycarbonate lens has a custom bridge designed to fit low-profile nasal areas and high cheek bones. Uvextreme® AF clear lens offers anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV protection.
Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 and CSA Z94.3 - 1992 standards. Made in USA.

Astrospec OTG® 3001™
Designed to fit over-the-glass OTG® 3001™ is ideal for prescription glass wearers or those who need a larger safety glass. Available in uvexetreme® AF and ultradura® coating.
Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 and CSA Z94.3 - 1992 standards.

Astrospec 3000® Camouflage
This tried and true pattern boost compliance amongst outdoor enthusiasts.
Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 and CSA Z94.3 - 1992 standards. 

Astrospec 3000® with SCT™ Lens
Spectrum Control Technology™ (SCT™) describes the lens' ability to reduce light hazards. SCT™ Gray fills the need for those utility workers who may be exposed to solar radiation or unexpected short-term electrical arc. SCT™ Low IR absorbs low levels of infrared radiation. Enhance contrasts around metal and glass products by choosing SCT™ Vermillion for your inspectors. SCT™ Reflect 50 I/O lens tint has a slight mirror coating which reduces visual light transmission to 50% and reflects glare and sunlight, ideal for workers who move in and out of direct sunlight.
All meet ANSI Z87.1 standard. Replacement Lenses are available

Astrospec 3000® S (Slim)
Specially designed for people with thinner and smaller facial characteristics. Available in ultradura® clear and gray lens. Frame colors include black, blue and patriot.
Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 and CSA Z94.3 - 1992 standards. Made in USA.

Sporty wraparound protective spectacle features exceptional protection, superior comfort and sleek design. Single lens offers simple replacement, and stylish tight wraparound coverage ensures great side and brow protection. Temples are adjustable. Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 and CSA Z94.3 - 1992 standards.

The bandit™ incorporates the latest wraparound style in its unconventional , sporty design. It has a dual lens look, but it's actually a single molded polycarbonate lens with built-in sideshields and browguards for superior protection and visibility. The patented lens replacement system makes the bandit™ versatile enough to use in many applications and lighting conditions. Get a great fit with adjustable duoflex™ temples. Many stylish frame colors and lens tints are available, and bandits™ are coated with uvextreme® AF, an anti-fog, anti-static, anti-scratch and anti-UV coating. For longwearing scratch resistance, ultrdura® hardcoat is also available.
Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 and CSA Z94.3 - 1992 standards. Made in USA.

For the same sleek look of the bandit™ in a frameless design, choose the bandido™. The wraparound polycarbonate lens is available in the most popular tints, and the temples come in many colors. Ultradura® coating is available, which blocks 99.9% of UV rays.
Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 standards. Made in USA.

AO Safety Eyewear Products
Tour Guard®
The Tour-Guard® collection is economical enough to use as a visitor spec, yet rugged enough for on the job use. The wraparound frame design has integral sideshields, and a contoured nose bridge for a universal fit. Available in two models: Tour-Guard® III Regular, a more traditional style and the Tour-Guard® III Small, which provides an excellent fit for men and women with small facial configurations. All Tour-Guard® models fit comfortably over most prescription glasses they feature high-impact clear polycarbonate lenses and meet ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 standard.

Economy Goggle
Value priced protection in four polycarbonate lens models. Choose perforated body for impact protection, or vented body for splash protection. Available with or without anti-fog lenses. Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 standard.

710B Chemical Splash Goggle
This splash goggle with indirect baffles guards against flying particles and chemical splash. Provides a clear view for the worker and fits comfortably over safety glasses. Features polycarbonate .050 Durafon® anti-fog, anti-static, anti-abrasion lens. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standard.

Centurion® Goggle
The Centurion® features a wraparound style for wide angle viewing. The goggle fits comfortably over most safety glasses and can be worn with half-mask respirators. Available in two styles: Impact (direct vented) for general impact hazard applications and Chemical Splash (indirect vented) to protect against impact or liquid splash. Choose from clear or Durafon® anti-fog, anti-static, anti-abrasion lens. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standard.

484B Chemical Safety Goggle
The 484B Chemical Safety Goggle provides excellent protection against chemical splashes and particulates. It features indirect ventilation for fog reduction and a snug fit for extra reliable protection. The .050 polycarbonate lens is available with or without DX™ anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-static coating. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standard.

482B Impact Goggle
This economical goggle is ideal for impact protection during chipping, metal cutting gor light grinding applications. The direct vent frame helps keep vision fog-free. The lens is available with or without DX™ anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-static coating. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standard. Made in USA.

Lens Cleaning
Protective Optics Lens Cleaning System
The Protective Optics Lens Cleaning System is great for all lens materials and provides anti-fog, anti-static, non-smearing protection. Lens cleaner is silicone free and alcohol free. Anti-Fog-Stat Cleaning Fluid is available in 1 oz. Plastic spray bottles, and in 1 gallon and 16oz refull bottles. A Spray Pump is available for the 16oz bottle. All-Purpose Wipers measure 4.5" x 8.3".

Bouton® VisionAid® Lens Cleaning Stations - Disposable Lens Cleaning Station
Eliminate refilling and maintenance. Anti-fog Cleaner is effective without scratching lenses. Wall mount or set on counter. Choose a Mini Station, which includes 500 tissues and a 3 oz. Spray bottle of anti-fog, anti-static fluid for polycarbonate, plastic or glass lenses. Or choose the Standard Station, which contains 1600 6" x 5" tissues and a large 16 oz bottle of lens cleaning solution.

Bouton® VisionAid® Lens Cleaning Stations - Refillable Lens Cleaning Station
Economical refillable station is made of durable, heavy duty steel. It features a compartment for used tissue and keylock. Wall mounting hardware included. Items for the Refillable Lens Cleaning Station are sold separately and include lint-free Tissues, Liquid Lens Cleaner in Flip-Top, Aerosol Cans and Bottles, and moist Towelettes. Tissues, Flip-Top Bottle and Spray Pumps are sold by the case.

Uvex clear® Lens Cleaning Station
Attractive, lightweight and economical lens cleaning station is designed for cleaning dirty lenses in any workplace and mounts almost anywhere. It features a 16 oz bottle of uvex clear® lens cleaning solution, specifically developed for anti-fog coatings including uvextreme® AF anti-fog coating and other hard coatings. Comes with 4 boxes of 500 highly absorbent, non-abrasive tissues and a 3 ½" x 4 ½" mirror. Also available are a new handy 1 oz lens cleaning spray, which fits easily in a pocket or purse for instant lens cleaning, and convenient pocket-sized towelettes in a dispenser box. Made in USA.