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Pure Gases
Argon (AR)


Scientific Grade (Grade 6) is used as an atmosphere for manufacturing semiconductors. UHP or Ultra Carrier Grades are used as carrier gases in gas chromatography, as a fill gas for certain specialized lamps and as an atmosphere for growing silicon or germanium crystals. UHP is used in graphite furnace Atomic Absorption. Other grades are used as a shielding gas for welding or in the production of reactive metals. 


  Molecular Weight: 39.95
  Specific Volume: 9.7 CF/lb
  Flammable Limits: Nonflammable
  CGA Valve: 580, 3HP-677, 2HP-680
  DOT Name:
Argon, Compressed
  UN No.: UN1006
  DOT Class: 2.2
  DOT Label: Nonflammable Gas
  CAS Registry: 7440-37-1