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Airgas offers a large selection of refrigerant products including CFC, HCFC, HFC, and the new alternative refrigerants. Our range of package sizes ensures a product to meet your specific application and volume requirements. Airgas can also provide local technical assistance to aid in proper refrigerant selection for your application.

Local Service Ensures Delivery of Refrigerants As You Need Them
Airgas provides a reliable, local source for delivery of refrigerant products and service anywhere, anytime. Simplify procurement by scheduling regular deliveries with your local Airgas distributor -- not just small volume products, but hard to manage sizes such as 125 lb. and 1000 lb. cylinders. Local distribution also eliminates the need to buy large inventories. Simply rely on your Airgas distributor to deliver product when needed. Airgas can also work with you to establish custom stocking and delivery programs to help you meet high demand periods.

Refillable Cylinder Program Eliminates Disposal Liabilities
Improper disposal of 30 lb. non-refillable cylinders can result in EPA fines of up to $25,000. With the unique Airgas refillable cylinder program there is no need to pull a vacuum, no need to cut a hole in the cylinder, and no venting of harmful ODCs into the atmosphere. Just rent the refillable cylinder from your local Airgas distributor and we will deliver the refrigerant and pick up the empties. It's an environmentally responsible program that saves time and money. Airgas is the only national refrigerant supplier with this distribution capability.

Consolidation Opportunities
Airgas can eliminate redundant purchases by combining refrigerant procurement with other gas products and supplies. Our broad product offering incorporates a complete selection of industrial gases -- such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Acetylene, and Argon-- as well as welding equipment and supplies. For national accounts with multiple locations we can assist you with designing a customized supply system. We will consider specific applications, product usage, and how to take advantage of similarities in operations at the local and national level.

Refrigerant Reclamation Program
You can save time and money using Airgas' 125 lb. refrigerant recovery cylinders. When the cylinder is full, Airgas will pick it up and replace it with an empty cylinder. Airgas is the only refrigerant distributor to offer this service nationally.

Cylinder Re-Certification
Minimize the hassle of re-certifying your refrigerant recovery cylinders. Airgas maintains exclusive DOT testing sites throughout the U.S. and completes inspections according to current DOT/TC regulations and test procedures.


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