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Airgas Dry Ice
Retail Sales Program
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Program Overview:
The company and the program have grown to what is now the standard of the industry…retail sale of Dry Ice through grocery stores. The program now includes pre-cut slabs of Dry Ice packaged and labeled in English and Spanish. The product is delivered directly to an attractive store front merchandiser designed and manufactured specifically for the retail sale of Dry Ice. The program includes advertising, seasonal promotions, and a support team in case of power outages.
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Program Advantages:

  • Attractive store front merchandiser for storage and retail sale of dry ice.
  • Insulated with a pad. No electricity required.
  • All usage information on merchandiser and retail packaging is printed in English and Spanish.
  • Point of sale material including signs, seasonal brochures and special promotion posters.
  • Yellow pages advertising a toll free telephone number for location availability and usage information.
  • Direct store delivery. Our drivers rotate the stock and clean the merchandiser each delivery.
  • Stocked this morning and out tonight? No problem. We have insulated boxes specifically designed for shipping Dry Ice on common carriers-usually next day service.
  • Catastrophe Support Team. Power failures caused by storms or accidents demand immediate action. We can deliver bulk Dry Ice in our own trucks from a network of production plants across the U.S.A.
  • Insurance certificate from Airgas Dry Ice naming each customer as an additional insured. $2,000,000 Liability Limits.
  • Non-Electric Merchandisers:
    12 Block Box – Stores Approximately – 660/lbsExternal Dimensions (L x W x H) – 38”x 28”x38”

    8 Block Box – Stores Approximately – 440/lbsExternal Dimesions (L x W x H) – 28”x28”x38”