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Hydrogen Generators
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Decrease windage loss. Avoid costly downtime.
Maximize generator capacity. Improve spark spread.

Power plants using hydrogen-cooled generators must overcome reduced generating efficiency and lost generation capacity caused by low hydrogen purity and operating pressures. The continuous addition of ultra-pure hydrogen supplied by a HOGEN® On-site Hydrogen Generation System from Airgas can optimize hydrogen purity and pressure for best operating performance. HOGEN systems offer significant economic and operational improvements that help reduce windage losses and optimize equipment, resulting in fuel savings, less air pollution, elimination of redundant equipment and extended generator life.

On-site hydrogen production with HOGEN Hydrogen Generation Systems offers:
  • Superior hydrogen purity to reduce windage loss
  • Optimized productivity by reducing hydrogen inventory maintenance
  • Maximized generator capacity with consistent hydrogen pressure
  • Longer generator component life from decreased corrosion
  • Reduced overall hydrogen supply costs

Maintain optimum hydrogen purity and pressure for top efficiency.

HOGEN® Hydrogen Generation Systems enable continuous hydrogen replenishment to optimize generation efficiency and eliminate hydrogen storage concerns.

HOGEN Hydrogen Generation Systems continuously monitor and adjust the amount of ultra-high purity hydrogen needed to maintain the pressure and purity inside the generator casing. Hydrogen demand data is available to plant personnel for trending and alarming.

Producing hydrogen on-site from low-cost parasitic power enables power plants worldwide to realize increased operating efficiencies and cost savings.

Airgas partners with Proton Energy to provide automated, low-maintenance HOGEN® Hydrogen Generation Systems.

With hundreds of hydrogen generation systems operating worldwide, Proton Energy is a market leader in the design and production of on-site hydrogen generation systems. Adding the HOGEN® system to Airgas’ already strong portfolio of industrial gases, specialty gases, process chemicals and equipment currently available to the nation's power utilities and other industries provides Airgas with one more way to help customers nationwide find solutions to their gas needs.

HOGEN® On-Site Hydrogen Generation Systems provide the right solution for a variety of industries using hydrogen …

Materials Processing – Heat-treating, annealing, powder metallurgy, metal injection molding, plasma spray, crystal growing, and more.

Semiconductor Manufacturing – MOCVD carrier gas, forming gas, hermetic packaging, and device packaging.

Research and Development – Carrier gas and fuel gas for gas chromatography, fuel cell development, and electrochemistry.

HOGEN H Series Hydrogen Generators

HOGEN® H Series generators from Airgas provide a cost-effective supply of hydrogen for operations requiring 76 SCF/hr. to 228 SCF/hr. The flexible design allows you to configure a generator to meet your specific needs. Multiple generators can be linked together to meet hydrogen requirements higher than 228 SCF/hr.

HOGEN® 20 and HOGEN® 40 Series Hydrogen Generators

For lower hydrogen usage – 20 SCF/hr. to 40 SCF/hr. – a HOGEN 20 or 40 generator from Airgas provides the ideal hydrogen supply solution.

Find out more about HOGEN® On-site Hydrogen Generation Systems by contacting the Airgas location nearest you.
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