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Strategic Accounts
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Strategic Account Resource Allocation (SARA)

We’re driving down your supply chain costs. And improving your service levels.

Our size works for our customers. So does our local presence across the country.

As your company looks to improve efficiency, manage its supply chain costs, and reduce vendors, you need to rely on suppliers who can provide a range of products to fulfill your needs in every location. Airgas combines exceptional purchasing power and a national integrated supply network to help deliver what you need, where you need it. And our focus on proven supply chain disciplines helps produce measurable savings.

Airgas is the leading U.S. supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases, welding, safety and related products. We offer our products and services through the largest integrated network of branches, retail stores, filling plants and distribution centers in the industry.

We use a strategic account resources allocation (SARA) process to insure that we deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. So whether you are looking for a strategic supplier locally or across the nation, Airgas can meet your needs.

A diverse product portfolio for consolidated purchasing.
Airgas offers an extensive range of products that help you consolidate suppliers and streamline purchasing:
• Industrial cylinder, liquid dewars, micro bulk and liquid bulk gases
• Shielding, welding and cutting gases
• Specialty Ultra High Purity and Ultra Pure Carrier (UPC) grade gases, EPA protocols and calibration mixtures
• Refrigerants
• Process chemicals
• Medical gases
• Laser gases
• Electronic grade gases
• Regulators and gas delivery equipment
• Welder and positioner rentals, repairs, new and used equipment
• Welding filler metals and supplies from leading brands as well as our own Radnor™ line
• More than 30,000 personal safety products

Experienced professionals, skilled in best practices.

Airgas knows the industries it serves. Our relationships with customers in all industry segments help us understand the needs of today while working on solutions for tomorrow. A cross-functional team of sales, service and distribution personnel can help you find solutions to your supply chain needs. Our work begins with an assessment of each of your sites, with a keen eye on immediate and long-term cost savings opportunities.

Our product and application experts can help you reduce total production costs. Strategic Account Managers and their staffs oversee day-to-day details of your business from 12 regional offices across the nation. And our 700 locations nationwide mean that each of your sites will have local support.

The people of Airgas go beyond the traditional supplier role. As a true alliance partner, we can help you improve how our products are used and moved internally at your facilities. Our value-added services include:

• Procurement
• Selection of gas
• Gas distribution
• Method of supply
• Administration
• Cylinder management
• Inventory control
• Safety (we’re the third largest supplier of industrial safety products in the U.S.)
• Environmental audits
• Problem-solving

After the sale, we track customers’ usage rates, cylinder balances, inventory levels, delivery schedules, processing costs and other performance measures to optimize service and contain costs.

It’s a total resource to give you the best total range of business solutions. And it includes the convenience of a full range of eBusiness, Electronic Data Interface (EDI), catalog and telesales ordering. No matter how diverse your operations are, we focus on your exact needs.

For the name and contact information of the Airgas Strategic Accounts team nearest you:

Phone: 888-4-KEYTEAM or visit us on the Web at