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Microbulk Delivery
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Reliable, uninterrupted supply. Reduced time and expense. You’ll find it at Airgas.

As your need for higher gas volumes increases, time lost to changing out cylinders and gas lost to venting liquid dewars can take a bigger bite out of your bottom line. There is a more cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution—the Airgas MicroBulk delivery system. It’s the perfect way to get the cost efficiencies of bulk deliveries, but in smaller volumes. Airgas’ integrated MicroBulk delivery system eliminates the hassles and extra expense of cylinders and liquid dewars. And because it eliminates handling cylinders, MicroBulk provides a safer work environment.

Benefits only MicroBulk can offer.

The Airgas MicroBulk delivery system is an integrated, streamlined response to your gas management needs. It eliminates the hassles of ordering, storing, and moving cylinders and liquid dewars by providing an on-site, uninterrupted gas supply. Better still, you only pay for the gas you use—there’s no residual gas loss from returned cylinders, and there’s very little venting of MicroBulk tanks.

Airgas MicroBulk:
• Reduces the number of orders, deliveries, and invoices for more streamlined accounting
• Improves gas delivery efficiency
• Frees up your production space
• Reduces inventory control costs
• Reduces contaminants entering your gas supply
• Eliminates handling cylinders

Advantages only Airgas can provide.

Airgas delivers the advantages of MicroBulk whether you have one location across town, or multiple locations across the country. Our gas specialists will evaluate your operations and current gas supply method, and then offer the process improvements and cost-effective solutions available with Airgas MicroBulk. Call today for a process evaluation.

Airgas MicroBulk: A Closer Look

The Airgas MicroBulk delivery system provides a more cost-effective supply solution for gas users requiring more than 30 high-pressure cylinders or one liquid cylinder each month. Argon and Nitrogen are available for MicroBulk deliveries. Ask about other products available through MicroBulk delivery.

MicroBulk Tanks

MicroBulk tanks are available in a variety of sizes and can be installed inside or outside your facility, depending upon space requirements. Gas or liquid can then be efficiently piped to each point of use. Portable tanks can be positioned at point of use, as well.

MicroBulk Delivery

Airgas MicroBulk is a cost-effective way to deliver gas to every point of use. Our MicroBulk vehicles easily negotiate confined city streets and make deliveries to hard-to-access areas.