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Bulk Gases
Gas Applications in Rubber/Plastic Industry
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Gas Applications in the Rubber & Plastic Industries

Our innovative ideas and applications are contributing to improved production methods and increased quality for our customers. At Airgas you'll find the expertise, engineering skills, equipment and industrial gases to meet your processing needs. Customer support-from inception through design and testing to completion-is an integral part of our service.

The key benefits for you are:

•Total gas supply including cylinders,MicroBulk bulk tanks, on-site gas generation and specialty gases
•Engineering know-how to provide safe, cost-effective solutions for new and existing processes
•On-site start-up assistance including personnel safety training

Cryogenic Rubber Deflashing

Cryogenic deflashing meets today's demand for safe, fast and cost-effective rubber part production. To meet this need with the best technical and economic solution, we offer two lines of state-of-the-art deflashing equipment.

Our extensive experience with deflashing technology and the high driving force of liquid nitrogen at (-320oF) coupled with both Cryogenic Tumblers and a complete line of Cryogenic Shotblast Machines, give us the strength to guarantee you an economical and consistent formula for cryogenic finishing. It could be your key to higher production and better quality parts. Plus, technical support we provide with our gas and engineering solutions help you continue to meet operational challenges.

Cryogenic Tumblers (6.0 cu. ft. and 12.0 cu. ft. designs)

LEI Cryogenic Basket Deflashers 0.75, 2.0 and 4.0 cu. ft.

LEI CBD-6 Cryogenic Belt Deflasher 6.0 cu. ft.

Process Assistance

•Review Operating Procedures
•Equipment Review
•Consumption Analysis
•Economic Analysis
•Tank Sizing
•Material Flow
•Piping systems

Technical Center

•Equipment Demonstration
•Equipment Inspection
•Equipment Testing
•Spare Parts Inventory

Training (on-site or at our Technical Center)

•Nitrogen Safety
•Cryogenic Maintenance

Rubber Sellsheet

For additional information contact Don Madda at (440)232-7833