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Gas Applications with Food & Beverage

It's your good name they are eating. The meal and the drink on the consumer's table reflect your good name. No matter how high the quality of the ingredients you use, only the very best processing and packaging technology will keep your brand superior in the customer's eyes. Our good name is built on knowledge, experience and customized scientific solutions designed to bring out and preserve the very best in your food. From fish to soft fruit, from bakery products to quarter pounders, from sauce portions to ready meals, if you care about your good name, you should take the time to review our technology.

Food Freezing and Cooling

Properly prepared frozen foods are very close to, and sometimes better than, their fresh counterparts. Methods of preserving food are becoming increasingly important. The need for longer shelf life and improved product taste and quality have motivated the development of today's cryogenic freezers.

At Airgas, you'll find a full line of food freezing and cooling equipment to meet your most challenging requirements. You'll also find expert application support to determine the best gas and equipment solution for you application.

The many advantages of using cryogenic freezing and cooling have made it one of the most widely used techniques in the world.

Some of the major advantages are:

•Faster freezing, leading to less drip loss upon thawing and better flavor.
•Reduced dehydration, giving the producer higher yields.
•Lower investment costs, leaving the producer more to spend elsewhere.
•Low maintenance and downtime, which increases efficiency.
•High levels of hygiene built in, reducing cleaning requirements.
•Pre-freezers harden the product, leaving it without belt marks.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP, is a method for extending shelf-life, preserving the high quality of foodstuffs, and improving overall cost-effectiveness. Airgas offers MAP solutions that:

•Increase sales by satisfying the growing demand for naturally preserved food quality, without additives and preservatives
•Increase shelf-life quality in the distribution chain by days or even weeks, which increases the availability of fresh food to consumers
•Reduce the return of spoiled foodstuffs
•Enhance production efficiency and distribution by cutting costs
•Increase sales volumes with new products can be offered to new markets

At Airgas, MAP gases are produced in accordance with directives on food additives. Nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) are separated from the air and carbon dioxide (CO2) is obtained from natural wells or as a by-product from, for instance, fermentation processes or ammonia production. In many cases, it may be more effective and practical to produce nitrogen on-site.

The best supply alternative depends on the type of foodstuff, the production volume, the packaging line, and also whether the gas is to be used anywhere else in production. It may be highly preferable to have pre-mixed gases supplied if production is relatively limited or if a new production facility is being started up. When production rates increase, and if different products are to be packaged, it may be more suitable and economical to switch over to mixing gases on-site, where a mixer is used and the gases are supplied from cylinders, tanks or on-site systems. Each application must be evaluated separately before decisions can be made regarding the supply options and gas mixtures. For quality assurance, regular control of the gas mixture in the ready packages after sealing is recommended.

Airgas will build a gas center and network for safe, reliable and economic distribution of gases to the various points of use in your production line or factory. We'll also provide assistance in gathering data and in conducting trial runs, as well as in full operation and fine-tuning. Due to our close collaboration with customers, We are often given total responsibility for the supply of gases, including building a customer's internal gas distribution network.


Whether it's beer, wine, soft drinks or bottled water, Airgas will engineer the right gas and right equipment solution for your beverage application. Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen gases play a key role in the beverage industry in many ways, from large-scale bottling plants, to wineries, down to local restaurants where the beverage is consumed. If you're looking to pressurize, prevent oxidation or just add some sparkle to your beverage, let Airgas provide the right gas and the right equipment.

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