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Do You Feel Like You’re Losing Control?

Are you overwhelmed by the burden of managing the supply of industrial gases at your facility? Frustrated by costs that are out of control? Here’s how to tell when you’ve had enough:

•When it seems like half the cylinders at your facility aren’t hooked up to anything.
•When it takes you longer to understand your suppliers’ invoices than it does to authorize payment.
•When you keep getting billed rent for cylinders that nobody can find.
•When your facility seems to consume bulk gases even when everything is shut down.
•When you call for routine service and it’s anybody’s guess when a technician might show up.
•When you receive more than one invoice per delivery.
•When you no longer expect flawless performance from your gas supplier.

Let OUTLOOK® Put Your Mind at Ease and Money in Your Pocket

Typically, a gas suppliers’ responsibility ends with product delivery. From there, the customer takes on the burden of managing the gas supply. For companies using multiple gas products, supplied by many methods and vendors, this burden is both time-consuming and expensive. With many costs, both direct and indirect, being incurred every day, it’s easy to feel out of control.

With Airgas’ OUTLOOK® Services, we’ll put you back in control of your business, where your expertise lies. We can handle all the gas related activities at your site, including initial procurement, inventory control, delivery, in plant distribution, and much more. By shifting the logistics of gas management to us, you can enjoy significant cost savings.

Since the OUTLOOK® program inception in 1994, we have saved our packaged gas customers over $11 million dollars in expenses. All told, we’ve helped our customers:

•Reduce cylinder balances an average 30%
•Reduce bulk gas consumption 20%
•Reduce gas-related incidents 95%
•Reduce paperwork 90%
•Eliminate the equivalent of 1200 person-years

Total Gas Service from Production to Point of Use

OUTLOOK® Services comprise a broad range of administrative, engineering, and technical services. We’ll put a technician on your site who will continually assess your needs, streamline your gas related administrative processes, optimize your gas delivery systems, and then manage and monitor their performance. The lists below detail some of the services we provide.

What sets OUTLOOK® Services apart from other supply chain management services is Airgas’ approach. We focus on ways to measurably increase your productivity, even if it means you use less of our products or purchase them from another supplier. We make our services real by aligning them with your business objectives.

Gas Management by the Experts

Airgas is a leader in supply chain management, serving over 60 customer sites with a team of dedicated OUTLOOK® technicians and managers.

We’re number one in packaged gas on-site services because we bring you more than an efficient service infrastructure and quality products. It’s our people, using these tools, who are able to design and implement cost-saving, customized solutions to your specific gas handling needs. Most of our OUTLOOK® technicians have more than 10 years of hands-on experience combined with specialized gas system training. Many are former production plant technicians themselves, who understand firsthand what it takes to run a facility.

Plus, our on-site people are backed up by our Regional Company support structure, which provides local service and rapid response to your needs.

Product Optimization


•Engineering reviews of existing gas storage and distribution systems
•Use and application analysis
•Needs assessment; review of alternate supply modes
•Design and installation of gas storage and distribution systems


•Significant volume reductions
•Documentation all use locations
•Removal of obsolete equipment
•Lowest capital/operating cost options
•Optimized gas application throughput

Cylinder Management


•Inventory optimization /control
•Optimization of product selection
•Optimization of supply model
•Engineering reports on usage, inventory turn ratios, environmental compliance, aging, cylinder balance
•Resource for training, problem solving, safety reviews, needs planning, etc.


•Reduced inventory/rental costs
•Most economical packaging, grade, or delivery mode
•Knowledgeable, single point of contact for all gas related issues
•Elimination of “lost” cylinders.

Administration Streamlining


•Optimization of ordering procedures
•Act as client purchasing agent
•Single point of contact


•Reduced paperwork
•Dramatically fewer invoices
•No need to oversee multiple vendors
•Reduced total costs

Logistics Streamlining


•Delivery planning/auto-stock delivery
•Inventory evaluation
•Optimization of number and location of deliveries
•Consumption tracking
•Rapid response delivery services


•Elimination of run-outs
•Delivery when and where needed
•Automated ordering process
•Reduced total cost of ownership

Next Steps

If you are interested in lowering your total cost of ownership for the gases, welding hardgoods and safety supplies you use, please give one of our Account Managers a call. They will help you review your situation and develop a strategy.

To help answer your questions even more, we can customize a presentation to explain what we can do for you. Then, we may conduct a feasibility study that will allow us to develop an initial proposal for your review. So give us a call, and let us show you how we can save you more.